Why You Should Not Shy Away from an Expensive but Professional Content Writer!

Most clients seem to have created a perception about good writers – they are arrogant and they charge a bomb. Both of which are highly subjective statements and definitely open for examination.

If you revisit one of our earlier posts, you will see that we defined a good writer as someone who:

  1. Has a body of work that shows comprehensiveness and fluidity in writing.
  2. Has a high level framework for producing quality deliverables.
  3. Is receptive to feedback.
  4. Brings incremental value to the table. .

Now, when you gauge a writer’s efficacy this way instead of looking at the usual grammar rules, you will see the value a good writer actually generates. Writing, unlike performing bike stunts, is not an exclusive skill. Anyone who can fundamentally read and speak, can also write. The term that differentiates anyone who can write from a professional writer is the effectiveness in writing.

Good writing will drive actions, both for the buyers and consumers of content. For the buyers of content, it will show an articulated way of putting forth the ideas the business stands by and for the consumer, it will add value by pointing at the solution she has been looking for.

Yet, the question remains unanswered – why do good writers charge so high? There are both intuitive and logically explainable responses to that.

1. Basic economics favour good writers.

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Being a professional writer who just writes to make a living is by no means an easy task. Obviously, you have to be very sure about your abilities as a writer, but you also have to ensure there is a market for your services. If you get in touch with a writer who just happens to be here because he or she does not have anything else to do at the moment – it is recommended that you stay away from him or her.

Some people may tell you that you should hire people who are bit disengaged to the entire ‘craft’ of writing, since they will only focus on the business side of things instead of going all creative. That said, this very disengagement can also turn into unprofessionalism – simply because that person would not care. Hence, hire a writer who writes for a living, because she has too much to lose and thus would not prefer losing your business. As Nassim Taleb would put it – hire people who have skin in the game.

Now, at this point, you might be picturing a writer who is writing to make ends the meet. The reality is a bit different. No, writers are not all of a sudden turning into multimillionaires – but writers who can be articulate and yet engaging will be of tremendous value and will always be available in a smaller number in the market.

Think about it this way – a person who is articulate and engaging will be valued so highly in so many business verticals. Why would one such person pursue writing as a full-time career? Additionally, the perceived roadblocks to start making a living as a writer are so high, that even people who have worked professionally as writers are not highly optimistic about the future of the market.

Hence, because of the sheer economics, the supply of good writers somehow manages to fall short of the demand. This gives quality writers an economic advantage when it comes to pricing their services.

2. Instead of pricing the services of a good writer, value them.

freelance content writers - Content Brahma

Aswath Damodaran, popularly known as the Guru of Valuation, has often proclaimed business leaders to focus on value instead of pricing. Pricing – is what someone else will pay for the services. Value – is what you will pay for the services.

When you conduct a market research and go ahead with a writer who quoted the lowest prices – you are in the pricing game, since you are simply comparing the prices of various writers’ services. Instead, what you should be doing is a deep analysis of the work of each writer and gauging what value can she bring to your business. Once you know this exact value, you can derive the ideal fees you would be ready to pay this writer if she is able to deliver on the value proposition.

The moment you take the latter approach, you will see that majority, if not all, writing services are actually available at a discount. The problem comes in analysing good writing – most business operators are not aware of exactly what value a writer can bring and are not ready to establish any tangible KPIs to measure the efficacy of good writing. Hence, good writing seems so easily producible, you may feel that the prices being quoted are exorbitant.

In Conclusion

Mind well – when you are letting go of a writer’s services, especially of one who is doing good for herself, you are letting her go to work for someone else. Instead of making price the only variable in your decision making process of evaluating whether you want to take a writer on board or not, try understanding the value she will bring to the table and the economics that help a good writer in the market of identical services.

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