Useful Content Marketing Checklist for Brands & Businesses in India, Dubai & Australia

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If you are operating a successful business, there are high chances that you have availed content writing services at some point in time. You might have engaged a copywriter for marketing collateral or a blog content writer for your corporate blog.

But have you ever thought about the value content adds to your business? If you are serious about marketing your brand, you might have already realized the power of content marketing. If not, don’t worry, we are here with a detailed checklist that will help you ignite your brand’s content marketing strategy.

But before we spill the beans, let’s dig a bit deeper into why your business needs a content marketing strategy in the first place. Well, as illustrated above, you might have hired content writers for websites, blogs or other marketing activities, previously. But without a documented strategy, all your efforts go down the drain in the long run.

A content marketing strategy provides the necessary fuel to your business marketing strategy by providing useful, interesting and engaging content at the right time, which you can use to distribute and persuade your target audience through various channels like social media platforms, blogs and newsletters.

According to a report by Content Marketing Institute, 32% of marketers believe their content creation efforts are not good. Moreover, fin60% of the business owners and marketersd it hard to create a steady flow of content for their marketing initiatives.


Content marketing is one of the toughest nuts to crack for modern businesses, even in the age of social media. And content creation is the biggest challenge when it comes to beginning with content marketing.

To make sure you don’t face issues while beginning with content marketing, we have built a basic checklist that will help you refine your content marketing efforts and get maximum returns out of your investment in content writing services.

1. Outline Your Goals from Content Marketing

Outline Your Goals

An effort without an end goal is futile. Before you start with content marketing or hire dedicated content writers or marketers, you need to create a SMART goal. A SMART goal is:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound

To create smart goals for your content marketing strategy, it’s important to understand your target audience. Who are they, where are they, what are their aspirations and desires and what you want them to do after reading your content? The process of target audience identification is known as persona development.

Once you outline whom you are writing the content for, you will be able to be specific in your communication approach and fill up every column of the SMART goal checklist. Your smart goal will help you understand the approach you need to take with your content marketing effort.

2. Content Development Consistency

Content Development Consistency

With smart goals in your hand, you might be clear about what you want from your content marketing efforts. But well, that’s just not enough. You would need means to an end- i.e. your goal and useful content that adds value to a reader’s life will serve that purpose. You can engage your readers by developing various forms of content. Some of the most popular content forms for business include:

Whatever you choose, make sure your content is in sync with your content marketing goal. If you are hiring someone for article writing or content writing services, make sure he is aware of the content marketing process and is ready to work as per your strategy.

You will need to be consistent towards development of relevant, engaging, informative and actionable content that pushes your readers further into your marketing funnel. Engage them on a regular basis and analyze what works best for your business. Accordingly, mold your content development calendar.

3. Decide Content Distribution Strategy

Content Distribution Strategy

Once you are through with your goals, target audience and content development plan, you will need to evaluate various options when it comes to content distribution. In a competitive digital race, you cannot think that customers will discover your business on their own. You will need to get out and present something of value to them on platforms that they use.

Social media is one of the most promising mediums that can be used to share your valuable content. If you want to harness social media for content distribution, you will need to evaluate which platform be best according to your business. Take some time to research how you can reach out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn according to your business model.

If you are in fashion or food business, Instagram can help you get desired reach. If B2B leads is your ultimate goal, you can try out hands on LinkedIn. Remember, the choice of content distribution channel will require you to tweak your content development efforts. So, evaluate and take a wise decision today for better engagement and results in the future.

Overwhelmed by the influx of information around content marketing? Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you really want to grow your business via content marketing, you would need a full-proof content marketing strategy as well as support of dedicated content marketers and content writers for your website, blog, and other channels you want to harness. As an established content marketing firm, Content Brahma has been helping businesses develop, refine and execute their content marketing strategy for years. Looking for more juice on how you can utilize our expertise? Get in touch for a free consultation on how content marketing can help your business, today!

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