How content can make or break any marketing campaign?

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Content marketing has been a hot buzzword for quite a while now. Still, not many businesses are serious about content marketing. While a lot has already been written about content marketing, we believe not enough attention is given to the written word i.e. content, itself. Everyone speaks about how ‘content is king’ but not many understand that without valuable and relevant content, content marketing campaigns are futile.

According to the Content Marketing Institute 92% of marketers believe that their company sees content as an important business asset. Still, not many businesses are serious about content creation efforts. Only 19% of the global businesses are producing high-quality content consistently.

Though content creates avenues for improving the digital footprint, businesses often try cutting corners when it comes to content creation.

Content marketing process makes use of storytelling skills to add value to the life of the target audiences to fulfill business goals. And what’s the most important part of the story. Here are some of the reasons why content is the most important cog in your content marketing strategy:

1. Content is the fuel that drives marketing efforts

Marketing being a proactive process requires relevant content for pitching its proposition and drive sales. So, ultimately, content is important for the marketing of products and services offered by an organization. In the modern era, consumers like to be well-informed before making a purchase.

With the growing penetration of the internet, companies have a great opportunity to engage customers and make them aware through relevant information and valuable content. By effectively structuring the content development process, an organization can achieve unprecedented efficiencies in marketing and sales departments too.

2. How to Leverage Content Fuel for Marketing?

Every piece of information that leaves the marketing department should be developed after careful research. In the past, marketing department relied on a cold sales pitch, but now as customers are well-informed and connected, cold calls don’t work well.

With the help of purpose-driven content marketing campaigns, companies can weave their proposition in carefully crafted stories or blogs that engage modern buyers more effectively.

3. Content is the voice, everything else is just a medium

Everyone watches television, has a computer, communicates on mobile phones. But do all these devices matter if there is nothing to watch on television, browse on a computer or no one to talk to on a phone call? These tools are just the mediums, all a modern consumer keeps looking for is valuable content to engage with. Similarly, for a marketing campaign, all the techniques, tools and analytics is just a medium to spread an idea.

4. How to Strengthen your Business’ Content Voice?

For successful marketing, the idea should be relevant to your audience. Content that is developed keeping your target audience in mind is highly relevant and will surely benefit a business in the long run. Content is the voice of business that helps spread ideas, and all the efforts i.e. social media marketing, PPC, blog are just the mediums to spread a marketing idea. Without valuable content to share with your target audience, nothing will work according to your aspirations and growth goals.

Every day your marketing department hunts for valuable stories to share with prospective customers which have increased the demand for story-led content. This has also opened avenues for disputes between content development teams and on-ground marketing teams for budgetary allocations.

Many businesses don’t believe in increasing their content development budgets. But that’s one of the biggest mistakes that can be done in the process of marketing a business.

Content is the pivot around which any marketing activity revolves. Without effective content written by a professional content writer, the whole content marketing process can crumble down like a pack of cards. What to do as a business owner or marketing head?

5. Content development as an activity should also be given prominence while deciding the organizational marketing budgets.

This way companies can stay effective in marketing their proposition. Also, having a clearly defined and documented content marketing strategy helps create a balance between your marketing and content development endeavors. So, the next time you are thinking of content development as a costly expense, remember that your marketing efficiency depends on the relevance and value of the content that you offer to your target audience. Confused about your content development and marketing prospects? Get in touch with experts at Content Brahma now.

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